Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Wednesday (Nov. 21) - I attended Hope Chapel's Thanksgiving Eve Service. Hubby was sick so he stayed home and the kids stayed home with him. Part of this Thanksgiving service is an open mic session when the congregation is encouraged to share to express their thankfulness in front of the congregation. Every year I go up the stage to give thanks and praise God. I t's interesting that as shy as I am, I love doing this. I look forward to going on the stage to express my thankfulness to God. I was not microphone shy at all. Towards the end of my sharing I told the congregation "now, I want to close this sharing by singing a song...." Everyone got quite ... very quite...waiting... and then I giggled and said "I'm just kidding...". I heard laughter! Did they really think I was going to sing? hah! I told them my husband will disown me if I sing on stage - LOL!

Thursday - Thanksgiving celebration at our house. We had our great friends the W's; two of our Hope Chapel interns - Chris and Emily; and our dear neighbors the A's, and our dear friend Frank. At night the K's family came for dessert. The whole day was marvelous. Hubby deep fried a turkey! I know I should have blogged about this day at that night because I would have written more details. But I was too tired by the end of the night. Too tired that I actually accidentaly placed an A&D ointment on my toothbrush because I did not turn on the lights in the bathroom when I was going to brush my teeth. I just reached for a container which I thought was toothpaste - yuck - it wasn't! Anyway, it was a wonderful thanksgiving celebration.

Friday - No, I did not go shopping. I went to work for a few hours. I came home early and our family started decorating for Christmas. Christmas Tree is up! There's still a lot to do but at least the tree is up! After our tree trimming time, both kids were invited by their friends for a sleep over. I was going to blog about Thanksgiving but decided to fold clothes instead - I mean tons of laundry! It was great being able to fold all the laundry that accumulated this week. Then i was going to continue reading the book 3:16 but feel asleep while reading.

Saturday - I was supposed to join a friend to do a garage sale but I bailed out. I just didn't feel organized and so I thought I'd just donate "these" to goodwill instead of trying to sell them at a garage sale. I danced the Trash bag Tango and decluttered well. I was so proud of myself.

At night we went to a benefit show. Derick played the ukulele and Carl Andrews did a show. It was an awesome evening. I will blog more about Carl later.

Sunday - Early morning after got dressed for church I took that opportunity to take several shots of them to be used for our Christmas photo. I will post some on Wednesday (Wordless Wed). At 10:30 we went to church. After church we went to a First Birthday Party of our friends' daughter. It was fun. the mom (C) was very creative - the details of a "lady bug and butterflies theme" was so cute!

Now I am blogging as hubby read the reaming chapters of Harry Potter to my kids. They are almost done, I think they'll finish book 7 tonight.

Back to school and back to work tomorrow.... do we really have to?


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a very good thanks giving weekend

Katrina said...

What a full and fruitful week of thanksgiving! I love your story about going up on stage at church to share your funny!

MegaMom said...

That's a great story Liza. :) You really had a fruitful and blessed thanksgiving!
BTW, I've been to Maui once before. Maybe I'll look you up when (if) I get to go again. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Liza, sounds like a wonderful, fulfilling long holiday weekend!

I can't wait to see the pictures you took!

Andrea Frazer said...

Ah, what a nice weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, Liza. Many many blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

We had such a good time with you guys...we love you so very, very much. Thank you for another wonderful Thanksgiving =)