Monday, November 12, 2007


For God so love the world
that He gave His Only Begotten Son
That whosoever believes in Him
Shall not perish
but have an everlasting love
John 3:16

Watch out for the "official announcement" of the "40 Days with the Son" - a devotion on-line to keep us focused on the Christ of Christmas. If you intend to join, I suggest you buy the book 3:16 by Max Lucado now and read all the chapters prior to "40 days With The Son" devotion at the end of the book. Want to read the "background" on why I am doing this devotion on-line? click here. I'd be back for the details of this on-line group devotion....

Update: here's the anouncement - actually more of the guidelines


RosieBoo said...

Gee, I need to pick up this book and read it....thanks for the tip...

Katrina said...

I saw these at the Bible bookstore last time I was there. I love Max Lucado, so I should definitely pick up a copy!

... said...


thanks for the welcome to your beautiful island. we're enjoying ourselves. hard not to. we did have an interesting night the other night - read my latest post. but besides that, everything has been going well.

i might join you for the 3:16 group. i'll let you know/

Mrs Groovy said...

I saw the post when you mentioned your husband got you this book. When I saw it on video at my husband's store I immediately took it home. The movie was very good, but I imagine the book to be much more detailed and thought provoking. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.