Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tired Working Mom, Say "I"

Random Posts - Blah, blah, blah

Make that very random - blah, blah, blah ...

Hubby is sick
. N was sick on Monday night. In the middle of the night she crawled in our bed. Being a "loving mom" that I am, I let her stay in our bed. Bad decision. I had forgotten how easily hubby catch the viruses of these kids. Me, I don't get them. My immunity is "Philippine Made" - I think I have higher tolerance for viruses. Anyway, hubby is asleep, which means I can blog at night (instead of early morning ;)

Kids are watching High School Musical for the nth time
. I am too tired to argue. Let them watch so I can blog. So what if it's 9PM? No school tomorrow - it's conference days (Thurs and Fri). On the side note, every time I see or hear High School musical now I can't help but think about the nude photo of Vanessa. Yes I was very disappointed. I know others would say get over it - I will ... but don't expect me to be excited about a High School Musical 3. Actually my daughter said they already announced that there won't be a 3rd.

Technically challenged - me that is. Wordpress and i are not getting along
. I know it should be a simple thing but I am just too impatient and unfocused I don't have the time and will power to learn it. I thought by hiring a professional it'll be easier - turn out, it's not. (sigh)

I just realized - this month marks "one year" that my hubby and I have not been a part of an ohana
. We've stopped coming October last year. I can't believe it's been a year. It's been hard for hubby. In a way hard for me, but in a way easy because I didn't have to "rush" one day a week and "leave my kids at home" while we attend the ohana. But schedule aside, I do miss going to K&J's ohana...miss the worship and the wisdom we get from them. I miss seeing B&L and T&L every week.

Yes, I am tired. very tired. I've got a long list of things to do. I better log off for now. I know this is not enough "venting" and "talking about us" or "introspection". But I am tired. I actually was going to do a "Thankful Thursday" post but I am tired, I just rambled on instead. And this is not even enough rambling... I want to ramble some more ... maybe after I cooked the "TINOLA" I need to cook (for my parents to have some yummy lunch tomorrow, actually for me too).... did I already said I am tired?

Any other tired working mom out there? say "I" .


Anonymous said...

Prayng for your family
hope everyone gets better soon

what are your problems with wordpress???

Anonymous said...

We miss seeing you two every week, as well :)

Love, Us

PS...Happy 14th Anniversary!!!