Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quick Reminders and Favors ...

Blogher is conducting a survey. When you see that suvey box appears, please click and participate. It's a quick one - I did it last night.

Speaking of clicking, have you clicked my ads lately? If not, check some of them out. Aside from the fact that you are helping me (by supporting my blogging habit) when you click those ads, you might find something that might be of help to you. The new ads of Blogher also offers some coupons for free samples - limited offer so click right away.

And not to forget, click the box on the left that has the THINGAMA KID in it. It'll take you to a website full of stuff for kids and parents. If you're already thinking of Christmas, I suggest you purchase one of these DVD sets - they are fabulous! I am buying a Christmas set for us. Eventhough my kids are now older, I am sure our whole family will enjoy the Christmas songs :)

Thank you :)

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Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Hey! I will definitely click some things!

Thanks for the kinds words of support on my blog! I finally broke through a bit. I tagged you again - come over and check it out!