Monday, October 15, 2007

Parenting Is Not For Cowards - Part 2

Parenting is not for cowards, not for the weak, not for the fainthearted. A parent must have the courage and determination of a warrior; the wisdom similar to that of King Solomon (for love sometimes must be tough, and we need to discern when and how); tenderness and compassion like that of Mother Theresa's; strength and endurance of an an athlete; and the love displayed by Christ on the cross... (high calling, eh)

I posted the part 1 of this post this morning because as you all know, I usually am anxious on Monday mornings, especially when our weekend was full and I didn't have enough time to contemplate as well as to get ready for the coming week.

This past weekend was busy. Friday night, I had that bunco, while hubby and G went to the first day of Teakwondo competition for weigh in. Thankfully N was invited to her friend's house (actually they all went roller blading at the park and she had a blast). Saturday, we were at the Taekwondo competition almost the whole day, then Sunday we were again at the Taekwondo competition the whole morning (yes we missed church). In the afternoon, we hanged out at the pool (had friends over)

I woke up Monday morning feeling anxious because I didn't have a lot of "downtime" on the weekend. I allowed my kids to sleep in, and we were all late. They had to get a tardy slip for school and I arrived 30 minutes late at work.

It's 11 o'clock at night. I know I titled this post "Parenting is not for cowards" but I had not really touched on that matter that much on this post. Maybe I should just do a part 3 where I really would talk about it. In the meantime, I need to sleep or else my kids will be late for school again tomorrow.

By the way, N came home from school today with a fever. Yes, she's sick and will stay home tomorrow. Please say a prayer for her. He birthday is coming up and she didn't want to be sick on her birthday.

I'll be back tomorrow, promise.


Anonymous said...

praying N sis better real soon

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I hope she is feeling better! Will definitely pray for her. And wishing her a happy birthday soon!