Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mental Health Vacation Recap

The other night I had to pull away from the computer and handwrite my ramblings on a sheet of paper. For the last couple of days, everytime I log in my blog I had this overwhelming thought of "I have so much to blog about, I don not know where to start". Not good isn't it? Blogging is supposed to help me de-stress, not stress me out. And so I did the right thing of handwriting my ramblings. It helped. And now, I am ready to post some of those ramblings .. to recap my 1 week mental health vacation.

Two nights ago, I was lamenting the fact that I only have 2 more days of, then I have to go back to work on Thursday. I knew I shouldn't feel that way, and that I should be thankful I had a week off. But I couldn't help it. When I thought about the things that I still need to (planned to) accomplish, I knew 2 days are not enough (and one of those days my kids are off from school).

And so to help myself have a better attitude (to look at the glass half full instead of half empty), i decided to write down the things I've done during vacation that I would otherwise would not had the time to do (Last Thursday was the start of my vacation so I'll start from there):

Thursday and Friday - I was able de-clutter a little bit in the morning. About noon, my good friend KN came with her kids. They stayed until around 4 pm and we just hang out at the pool. KN is wonderful friend but we don't spend time with each other as much as we should because both of us are busy moms who hardly have time for ourselves. So, it was goo that we got to hang out a bit.

Saturday - I too G and N (Tatay and nanay came along) to the library. We have not gone to the library together for a long time. When my kids were little I I used to take them there every week, sometimes 3 times a week. It was our favorite place to go to. So it was nice that we were able to do that again.

Sunday - We went shopping the whole day! well, almost the whole day. We attended the church service on Friday night so we didn't go to church on Sunday. G,N,Tatay,Nanay and myself all went to Ross, Walmart and the mall. Hubby was at church teaching Tweens. It was so much fun at Ross because I told them they can all get something for themselves on me. Our good friends gave me a Ross certificate on my birthday and it was such a great joy to be able to share that with them. What really made me happy is seeing Nanay enjoying herself shopping - she loves to do this. We bought her a pair of shoes, several new bras, and a sweater. N's favorite place was Claire's at the mall. Her birthday is coming up so she showed me everything she wanted from Claire's.

At night, Hubby, the kids and I all went to Borders. It's another favorite hang out place of the family. We love reading books there:). We went to Pinatas (Mexican Diner) for dinner. At night Hubby read Harry Potter to the kids. I love it when he reads to the kids.

Monday - Back to school for kids. I had to go to the office to pick-up my pay check and deposit it. On my way back home I stopped by Saver's to look for a Halloween costume for me. There was this PINK PUNK PIRATE costume that really looks good on me but the price is $34 (new). I didn't want to spend $34 on a costume (yes I am cheap) I did not buy it. I need to get a costume by Friday because our bunco groups is meeting on Friday and we're told to wear Halloween costumes. Because I am cheap and didn't want to spend so much money on costumes, I will go to bunco as Miss Saigon. I have that Chino dress that looks like Miss Saigon and I guess I'll just wear that. I told hubby that I'd bring my orinetal purse and put a toy revolver gun and his picture in there (my G.I.) as props. Hubby just raised his eyebrows on me:)

At 1:15 I picked up the kids from school to go to their doctors and dentist's appointments. Actually all 3 of us had dentist's appointments (cleaning :)

Tuesday - Kids are off from school. I had another dentist appointment in the morning (for implants). Then I spent most of the day at home with the kids. actually I spent a lot of time cooking, so we had a healthy delicious home cooked meal last night.

N started "worship hula" at Hope. The group practices every 4pm on Tuesday and this is her first day to join them. We're excited about this. What's even more exciting is that I found out there's a Moms In Touch group meeting during the hula practice. So I was able to join a Moms Prayer group. What a treat!

At night I was able to work with kids in their "multiplication table". I've been wanting to help them with this but just couldn't find the time. Last night was a prefect moment. G was enjoying the multiplication lessons. I guess it's because we were all relaxed and not stressed out. we all went to bed at 9PM (except for Hubby)

Wednesday - here I am blogging. I should be de-cluttering. Oh well...


Kristen said...

Sounds like a busy week off! Hope the dentist visit went well. I really don't like the dentist. Well, I'm sure they're mostly nice people, but they scare me!

Anonymous said...

well done for the de-cluttering

wonderful beng able to have the
time to hang with friends and family

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Sounds like you had a busy, but nice, break with your family Liza! Cut yourself a little deserved to have some down time. And I wouldn't pay $34 for a Halloween costume, either, although pink punk pirate sounds very sassy! ;)

p.s. I hope the transition back to work tomorrow is not too bad. Maybe you should treat yourself to a nice lunch out. :)

SeƱor Enrique said...

What a productive vacation. Lots of quality with loved ones :)

Unknown said...

I wouldn't pay $35 for a costume either! If I have to dress up, I usually go as a football player, as there is always football paraphanelia around here! The worship hula sounds awesome, made even better with a MIT group at the same time.

Have a blessed day!