Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Halloween At Front Street, Hallelujah Party at Hope, Are you ready for Halloween?

About two years ago, I told my husband "I have been living on Maui for 10 years (more or less), and I have not once gone to the Front Street for Halloween - I've got to do it at least once". And so we did. We went in 2005. Having kids though, our main focus was the "children's parade" and we did not stay for the later night "mardi grass" type celebration which is the highlight of the night.

Are you planning on going to Lahanina this year for Halloween? We are not. We did it once, and once is good enough for me. But for many especially for the young and single, it's a fun place to be.

The Front Street Halloween celebration almost got banned this year. Back in August some members of the Native Hawaiian community requested that the Halloween celebration not be held in this historical site. However, the Maui County Cultural Resource Commission did not grant that request after a hearing was held about it.

So, back to Halloween celebration, instead of going to Front Street, we are going to Hope Chapel's Hallelujah Party. If you have kids, that's a great event to go - there are lots of candies, some rides, lots of games and fun prizes. You'll see kids and adults in fun and creative costumes. It's a blast. More about this later.

Both my kids already have their costumes ready. They're set! Are you? I still don't know what I'm going to be.. if you have any suggestions, let me know...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. Omigosh! You just reminded me that I have to look into a Halloween Party for my daughter. Our home owner's association party for the kids is sold out! I have to check the schedule for our church.

I hope to see Hawaii someday, any tips for saving money there?

Lisa said...

I went to the Lahaina thing once in 1987, and I agree with you - once is enough! Hallelujah Party is way more fun!