Saturday, October 6, 2007

Camping With A Twist

Last Tuesday, Hubby and the kids went to Mango Land to for camping. G and N were very excited. Because I had earlier scheduled a one week vacation starting the following Thursday, I had a lot of tasks to do at work, including an important meeting at the County office, so I couldn't take a day off for the camping. Besides, I thought it would be a good "daddy and kids" time, so I didn't felt guilty that much for not going.

In the middle of an important meeting, my cell phone rang. It was N telling me that they are not staying overnight at Mango land. They will do their camping stuff for the day (like do the bon fire) but will have to go home for the night. She said "daddy wants to know if you would be nice to him if we set up the tent in the yard and camp out there for tonight". I smiled and said "Sure, I'd be nice :)", then told her I need to go back to the meeting.

To understand why she asked that question, a few days before this camp I mentioned something about maybe one day doing a "backyard camping" and hubby came up with a remark of how silly that sounds. Well, the kids really wanted to camp, but several situations made it not possible for them to stay overnight so they decided to come back home at night and camp in our yard :). So, I guess I have to be nice and not remind hubby about his "remark" on backyard camping :)

I came home from work around 5PM and by 5:30 hubby and the kids arrived. we unloaded the truck, they set up the tent while I cooked the Dinty Moore Stew for Dinner. You see, Hubby B has wonderful memories of him and his dad camping and them eating this Dinty Moore Stew, so it's a must that we eat that stew for camping.

Stew and rice were ready, tent was set-up - so we ate dinner next to the pool :) After eating dinner and doing the usual bedtime routine of warm shower, putting jammies on and brushing teeth, we all went inside the tent for family reading. Hubby read several chapters of Harry Potter (book 7) while G, N and I listens. I fell asleep first, then N fell asleep and finally G fell asleep.

I woke up at 4am, feeling rested. I looked out on the cloth screen door of the tent and there was the bright Venus star on the sky right in front of us. It was beautiful. Then I thought of how glad I was that the kids and hubby came home and camped in the backyard because I got to sleep in the tent with them. It was a wonderful family time - a camping with a twist :)


Gill said...

Oh how lovely! What fantastic family time and a memory I'm sure your children will treasure forever :-)

AngelConradie said...

oh that is so cool liza- what a fabulous idea!!!

raqgold said...

hi liza, we also plan do that backyard camping, but everytime we plan it, it rains!! hay, maybe we'll be lucky next year.

Lisa said...

love it! I especially like the part about the stew...what a good memory to pass on to the kiddos.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful Liza. The only camping my children have experienced so far was sleeping in the tent we put up inside the house, :) Me eldest daughter was luckier I guess since she spent two Campette with Fathers when she was in preschool.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I love that hubby had bonding time with the kids; I love that you were able to join them in the backyard.

I am chuckling at the "will you be nice" comment because I could see that happening at our house. I love the stew for dinner - we have a "camping meal" that has been passed down, too.

Thinking of you as you prepare to head back to work!