Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Sitemeter

I like looking at my sitemeter. It tell me a lot of things about the activities on my blog....

The other day I was looking at it and I noticed that someone googled: Bo*bs Shots and landed in my blog. I followed the referral and found out that when you search that phrase, one of my post titles appears on the first page of the search. I thought that post title was very catchy and pretty funny, and I somehow knew people would land in my blog when they search for that particular word - but somehow upon seeing it actually happen through my sitemeter, I realized that I should not do that again (use those words in my blog). It's just not worth it to take the risk.

In that particular post I wrote, I directed the people who would land from google search to go to a particular site which I provided a link. The person did not go there but went to my other post titled Mother and Daughter. I guess he/she really wanted to check if somewhere in my blog is a "b**bs shots".

I printed the sitemeter page of that particular person so I'd have a record of IP address (just in case) -Now, even more than before, I closely watch my sitemeter. I think it was just really a random search but still, now I am more cautious.

There's a lot of benefits to this sitemeter, and a lot more to on this story that I want to share. Unfortunately, I am (once again) in a rush and can't post more about it. I just wanted to make sure I share this little story with many mommy bloggers out there for caution. Shannon has discussed "safety on the internet" before - I think it's worth re-reading that post. And Speaking of Shannon, this post is a participant to Works For Me Wednesday, so click here if you want to read more tips.


Melanie said...

Very good points - we have to keep on our toes, don't we!

I also discovered recently that some online pictures are considered to be "fair use" pictures that just anyone can use without permission. Or at least, try to use that as their defense when they do so. I blogged about that here

if you're interested.

Scary world sometimes, these days. Sigh.....

raqgold said...

hmm, this is interesting. thanks for sharing.