Friday, September 28, 2007

We're Going To The Fair!

The 85th Maui County Fair opened up last night. My family wouldn't want to miss it. We're going on Saturday!

I love county fairs. It's a place where you can build wonderful memories with your kids (yes, amidst the crowd and dust all around). When my kids are older, and I am older and gray - the topic "county fair" would bring back warm memories to us...

I will come back to update this blog with photos from the fair. If you're a "lover" of county fairs too like us - would you leave a comment and let me know what you like best about the fair? If you don't like the fair, tell me why.

OK, got o get ready for work. I got to earn money today because I am anticipating spending lots of money at the fair :)


Anonymous said...

have fun :)

AngelConradie said...

south africa doesn't do fairs like i see on tv in america and the uk... i do wish they would, i'd love to attend one!