Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Thoughts and Reading the Bible

3:33 - that's the time I woke up this morning
4:15 - that's the time I got out of bed
9:30 - that's the time I went to bed last night
6 hours of sleep. I don't think this is enough but my eyes just blinks open and my mind won't go back to sleep. I tried - see, I stayed in bed til 4:15 hoping I'd doze back to sleep, but I couldn't. Oh well, I heard Einstein (or Edison) only sleeps for 4 hours. I don't remember where I read that, but maybe some people just don't need much sleep. But then again, I know I am not one of "those" people because I used to have an 8 hour sleep at night and I know that's how much hours of sleep I need. Well, since I am awake, might as well stop talking about sleep and move on...

Reading the Bible. I have decided to stop reading some of the books that I am randomly reading and focus on reading the Bible. I have not read the Bible like I used to and I know that's not good. Last night I read through I and II Timothy and thought - wow, it's been ages since I read these epistles. Truly, I think God is reminding me to go back to the basics. Yesterday I posted a devotion about "Simplicity in Christ" and I feel that's what God is speaking to me these days. In order for me to be freed from anxieties, I need to be "simple in Christ".

Funny, I thought I have a lot of random thoughts I can dump in here. Yet after that thought on reading the Bible, I couldn't think of any other random stuff to talk about. Oh I have tons of topics I want to share my thoughts about, but each of those is a post of it's own. I guess I'm closing this post for now and will start a new one later. The Bible in front of me is "calling me". I'm off to more Bible reading and drinking my morning coffee. Aloha!


Mayogi said...

Just dropping by to say "hi!". *lol* I'm in a hurry now but I'll come back soon and really take my time to read through your blog.

God bless!
Mayogi at MOG

Anonymous said...

I have been waking up at 5amish for about 2 weeks now :(
I too only got 6 hours sleep last night
apparently as you ge older you dont need as much sleep either

good on you for reading the Word

I need to somehow get more sleep too