Sunday, September 2, 2007

BUNCO... I won!

Last night I had fun. I went to a BUNCO hosted by our good friend KK. Actually, I joined their group and committed myself to a once a month bunco fun night. Honestly, I was a little bit hesitant joining because I was afraid of the time commitment. But after last night (the first bunco night) I knew I made the right decision to join. We had a blast! And to top it all - I won! I got the most bunco award! The prize is a $30 Ross Gift Certificate (yey, I will go shopping tomorrow!). I also got the most wins but since I already got the prize for most bunco, CS got the prize for the most wins. She got Starbucks and Jamba Juice certificates.

What is BUNCO? You can find a detailed explanation here on Tricia's Bunco Rules and also a quick overview here on Wikipedia

There are several bunco groups going on in our church.... a great way for women to fellowship with one another. I know some traditional churches would raise an eyebrow because this seems to be "gambling", but really, it's just for women to gather and have fun. It's a good women bonding time.

We have 12 women in our group and each one is committed to host a game night. I signed up for June. KK, the hostess last night, did a marvelous job hosting. She served this delicious gourmet salad for dinner before we started the game. As we all said last night, she raised the bar, now the hostesses following would have to serve an equally awesome meal.

All the women in this bunco group are fun (and great wives, moms, and friends, I should mention) . Most of them are my "favorite people on Maui". There are some that I just met and some I am just getting to know more, but all in all I am very thankful that I am part of the group.

So I am sure I'd have a monthly bunco post.... watch for it :)

P.S. I couldn't get the Tricia's Bunco Rules Links Logo to link right, go click here to go there.

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harmonyinline said...

Congratulations on your win have fun shopping