Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Update on My Parents Part 3

Emotions subsided, and now we could all think and plan ... The plan is:

1) Tatay and Nanay will stay with us until after N's birthday. Tatay and Nanay told us that N went to their room the night she heard that they might be going back home. She said "Nanay, I want you to stay, and she gave her a hug. Would you stay here for my birthday?" That alone is enough to melt my parents heart. That same night, when I was tucking in G to bed, with teary eyes he told me, "I do not want Tatay and Nanay to go away. I don't want to see them go". That melted my heart. You see, one of my greatest reason why we spent all these time and money to bring my parents over here is for them to be able to bond with my kids, their grandkids. Honestly, there were times when I doubted if that was happening while they were here - but these two situations I just mentioned about the kids wanting them to stay here is a proof that they really are bonding. And I am glad...

2) Sometime in November, Tatay and Nanay will go to California to stay with my brother and sister in law. They offered to buy the round trip tickets. This is good. I know my parents have been longing to visit them so they are very excited about this decision. I was talking to my brother R yesterday and I mentioned that I think they will be less homesick there than here for some reasons: 1) both R and G speaks Tagalog; 2) they have Cable TV where Nanay and Tatay can watch Filipino shows. You see, here in our house, we have nothing. No regular network TV and no cable. When Nanay was in the Philippines, that's her favorite recreation. Here, there's nothing. We have lots of DVD's but they are all in English, and shows that she has no interest on. So I am happy that they will have cable there; 3) Tatay and Nanay can get medical coverage (Medicaid) easier than they can here. That's a huge help. We don't know how long they will stay there. Hopefully they can hang until R and G's baby is born sometime in February or March. Then they can come back here.

3) And if we win in a lottery, or if money falls from heaven, my desire is to be able to buy a round trip ticket for my parents to visit our relatives in New Jersey. Tatay's brother and his family lives in New Jersey. I really think it would make the happy to be able to visit them. The price of round trip ticket from Maui to New Jersey is outrageous, but it's not impossible. So please, start clicking my ads on the right side, explore those great items and offers and you'd be helping me raise funds for this cause ;)

That's it for now ... until the weather changes...

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Gretchen said...

Liza, I can't imagine your situation. I will pray that you will continue to be touched by Jesus in how to communicate with both your hubby and your parents. I will pray for peace among you all, and I will pray that the Lord will provide for all the unforeseen details. Hang in there, Liza. xxxooogretchen