Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. The other day I stopped by Ben Franklin to pick-up something. Guess what? They already have their Christmas items out! What? Christmas already? It's just August! We still have Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving to come ...

2. Family Night. Why is it so hard to have a consistent "family night"? After the Tweens Camp several months ago, we started doing family nights on Mondays. It was fun - the kids look forward to it. We only lasted 3 weeks though. The busyness crept. Schedule got messed up. Oh, we really need to get this family time back.

3. The H Word. You know how for a kid swear words are a no no, so they use the initial to refer to it when they need to use it in a sentence? Like "s" word for sh*t, and "f" word for "f*ck"? Well, my son just added to the taboo words and have elevated (actually degraded) "homework" into the "h" word. The H word is bad. It's evil. It's the enemy. He does not like the word homework. It's the H word.

4. There are about four (4) books different that I am reading, but I didn't feel like reading any of them last night. Instead, I pulled out from the book shelf a very old copy of Andrew Murray's book "Absolute Surrender". Interesting passage I read when I randomly opened into a page. It said:

"Temper is a proof whether the love of Christ is filling the heart or not. How many there are who find it easier in church (or in prayer meeting, or in work for the Lord) to be happy and holy than in the daily life with wife and children. Easier to be holy and happy outside the home than in it!"

Anyone says I? "I"

Lord, help me to be be holy and happy in and out of my home. Thank you Lord, Amen.

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