Thursday, August 23, 2007

Funny Auction At Ebay

Want to laugh today (or at least have a smile on your face)? Check out the link below. My husband does not think it's funny, I think it's HILARIOUS! If you are an ebay seller, take a hint on this one - this got gazillion hits and the item sold way more than what it's worth. Hurry, click the words below and laugh!

I am so adding this mom's blog to my blogroll.


Andrea Frazer said...

That is hilarious. I will have to try a post like that. Thank you. (If I make 145.00 I'll send you a check!)

Anonymous said...

That was too funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that lady should get a blog
She does love writing doesnt she :)

Anonymous said...

LOVED this ebay auction!!!!!
and her blog is JUST as funny.
thanks for telling us about her.

Anonymous said...

opps i got so caught up with what she was saying on EBay I didnt realize she already had a blog

gonna go have a look
and as I said she sure does like writing never read an ad like hers before

Anonymous said...

I did see this one, but it is worth a re-read :)

Rena said...

This is great! Where do you find all these interesting links??