Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Act of Kindness, and More About My Parents

Yesterday at about 2:50 PM I got a call from N "Mom, Tatay needs to talk to you..." I sensed "panic" in my father's voice when he said "Hello..."

He said Nanay (my mom) is having a severe chest pain that she couldn't walk back to the house. (They were at school picking up G and N when the chest pain occurred).

He asked i it's ok to leave the kids at home by themselves so he can go back to my mom to bring her med (Isodril). I told him that's perfectly fine. He asked if I can come home and pick them up from the school because she might not be able to walk back. I told them I would.

When I arrived at school, Stacy told me she already drove them home.

Now, let me tell you about Stacy. Stacy is the head of A+ (YMCA after school program) at the school where my kids go to. Unlike me who use "smiles" and "soft voice" as a way to "please" people and be nice, Stacy does not smile a lot, and her voice is stern (not the softly sweet kind). But I tell you what - Stacy is one of the kindest person I know. She was excellent in handling my son when my son was in A+. She's a very good friend of my daughter who is 9. She loves the kids at A+, and I've always liked her the moment she took over the position at A+. Anyway, I was really touched that she took time to drive my parents to our house so Nanay can rest. She also was the one who looked after her when Tatay and the kids went home, which gave me comfort because she's a trained Red cross person. My mom and dad felt so blessed that a "stranger" would give them a ride home. Thank you Stacy, you are very kind.

Tatay also mentioned to me how proud they are of G. When Tatay told him that Nanay is having chest pains and they need to call me, he immediately went to the A+ office to borrow the phone and to ask for help (Tatay wouldn't know what to do to find a phone). That's when Stacy came out of her office to help.

I've got more news about my parents but I've used up my blogging time for the day. I'll share more tonight....


Kamsin said...

I hope your Mom is OK, and yeh to G for stepping up and taking control to get the help needed!

Anonymous said...

praying for your mum