Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Honoring My Husband Challenge

I know I am a day late on posting this. I just want to "report" that we are doing well. This "honoring thing" really works. This weekend I honored my husband by graciously hosting 2 "parties" back to back (3 if we count the kids party), not to mention the going out to the movies to see Harry Potter and staying up til 12:30 at night at borders to buy the book. Yes, I did well. The nice thing about it is that he's doing well in honoring me too (like really being mice to my parents, etc.). I guess, that's how it should really be... honoring one another... For more "reports" on honoring husbands, hop over to Fruit In Season.


Christine said...

So glad it's going well! We saw Harry Potter too...didn't stay up that late, though!

Cyndee@Riezzee's Place said...


thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I have finally found a few minutes to catch up with you and leave a comment. we finally saw the movie last week - since my daughter and I read the book, we were a little disappointed - but how long a movie should it be? Book seven is on the shelf - she is rereading book six and I always wait until she is done. Thanks for sharing. Prayers for your parents.


mommy3 said...

Hi Liza! I didn't sign up for the challenge, but I have consciously been making an effort to honor my husband more after I saw your first post. Thanks for sharing, it has been eye-opening for me :)