Sunday, June 3, 2007

Just Blog It

OK, before I get carried away blog hopping... and before I get bogged down trying to come up with a "well written", "something that would get an A in a creative writing course" ) post ...I should just blog away:

TATAY AND NANAY - Their stay with us (or should I say the transition)is going very smoothly. I took Tatay and Nanay for TB test as required by the immigration agency. Both came out with a clearance - they got their TB card - NO TB, they are healthy - yehey! They still bring the kids to school and pick them up. It's a wonderful bonding time for them. Just for that alone, all the hassles and expense of getting them here is worth it. On top of that, our yard is meticulously clean (thanks to Tatay) and our laundry always folded (thanks to Nanay)! It's great having my parents here.

STILL PRAYING FOR HEATHER AND KATE - the video I posted down below are for Heather and Kate. That song has tremendously ministered to me when I was a new Christian going through all sorts of trials. When I read Heather's post that she cried, that song immediately popped into my head. I must have sung it 6 times last night when I found it at You Tube :)

A FEW MORE DAYS BEFORE SUMMER VACATION and we are very excited! I love summer vacations and my kids do too. This year, my kids wouldn't have to go to the Day Camps anymore, they can stay at home with Tatay and Nanay - yehey!

VICTORIA'S SECRET REVEALED - My mom and I attended a women's fellowship yesterday and it was fantastic - from decoration, to food, to fellowship, to hula, and most importantly, Karen and Jaime's talk on being a woman of influence in today's world (example of Esther in the Bible). The talk is very empowering and inspiring. I'll hopefully will be able to post on this separately with photos.

ONE DAY AT A TIME - I have to constantly remind myself of Jen's reminder to me - "One Day At A Time". I have tons of project to do..and I hyperventilate when I think about them. So every time I think about all of them, I start telling myself "One Day At A Time". I will make my 100 Things to To List (on second thoughts, I'd start with 25) and will do "One Thing At A Time" together with my "One Day At A Time" reminder....

IT'S SUNDAY! I better log off now and get ready for church. You all have a nice Sunday....


Andrea Frazer said...

Liza, as they say in yiddish (my father was Jewish) you are doing a "mitzvah" - a good deed. Your parents are so lucky, and so are you to have them with you.

Liza on Maui said...

Thanks MamaP - that's an incredible honor to be called a "mitzvah".
One very important tradition of Jewish that we are trying to incorporate in our family is the "blessing"..especially blessing of the kids. I'm glad a have a "true blooded" Jewish friend :)

poppycock said...


I think your parents' arrival proves to be a blessing all around for you and your family :)

Two Sundays ago, our pastor preached on the book of Esther which taught me a timely and invaluable lesson all over again. God is good :)