Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Homo Zappiens - Growing up in A Digital Age

Because we have two tweens in the house (8 and 9 yr olds), I have been reading a lot about tweens. I have been combing the internet on information on tweens. I have already started a folder titled tweens because I had been bookmarking many articles, blogs and websites on tweens. One of these days I would organize them into a blog of it's own. Through reading and observation, one striking fact about tweens is that they are very computer savvy. It's the age when their interest moves from traditional toys (like G.I. Joes and Barbies) to computers, video games and websites. If you're a parent of tweens...or an educator...I want to share this book ith you:

The title of the book is Homo Zappiens: Growing up in a Digital Age. It's written by Wim Veen and Ben Vrakking.

I was actually on the bookstore that day to buy a DVD that my boss asked me to purchase. While in the bookstore during an office errand, this book caught my eye. I browsed quickly and after browsing I knew I needed to buy the book.

And so I bought the book (despite the fact that it's quite expensive). Unfortunately, I can't find the time to read it thoroughly. I have been browsing here and there but I really need to concentrate on reading it. It is quite interesting to say the least. The book contains a lot of information that we parents of kids in the digital age should know. Even if I end up not agreeing with the author's point of view on learning, I know I still would recommend this book for the useful information on the present digital trends that our kids are exposed to.

Here's a book review and one site that talked about the book. If you've read this book, let me know what you think about it.

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Rena said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. Even though my two year old is nowhere near being ready to "go digital", I'm still very interested in what kids are being exposed to these days. It's kind of scary.