Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Works For Me: Family Fun Night; Apples To Apples and Cranium The Family Fun Game

On the church's Tween Family Camp that we attended last month, we were encouraged (actually asked to commit) to do a Family Night at least once a week. On these nights we have to do an activity as a family, TV, videos not allowed. For 3 weeks now we've been playing board games as a family and we're having a blast. Kids look forward to Family nights, actually we all do. There's a lot of interaction and laughter.

Now let me tell you that my husband is not the "board game" kind of guy, but when we discovered Apples of Apples and Cranium Family Night, he actually enjoyed playing board games with us. It's a fun game, instructions and rules are very easy to follow. These board games worked for us.If your family has not played this yet, go try it out. There are different levels available: adult, junior and kids - so you can choose one that fits your family. Search "Apples To Apples" in that Amazon Box on the left and you'll see all the different choices.

Here's helpful "Guidelines For A Great Family Night" (thanks to Karen and Joe):
1. Set aside the same night every week.
2. Keep it "sacred" - everyone shows up
3. Keep it simple
4. Keep it interactive - no monopolizing
5. Plan an activity ahead of time
6. Turn off TV, phones, ipods and video games
7. Cameras and videos create memories
8. Change it up ... keep it fresh
9. Include food and laughter
10. Keep it positive and affirming.

For more "tips" that work, please visit Rocks In My Dryer.


Mrs. O said...

We love these games too. Our family also likes to play "Guess Who" tournaments.

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful

Anonymous said...

We also have a family night - we call it "treat night" and we slot all our treats in there like Cinema or swimming pool.

If there is nothing else arranged we all have hot chocolate and cookies before the kids go to bed and they look forward to the treat all week.

JJ said...

We do game night also. One of our favourites is a new edition of Mystery date (High School Musical edition)
We have a blast. They squeal just before they open the door to see if they have a date or the nerd.
Break the Safe is also a good game, as you work as a team and not against each other.

Unknown said...

I love Apples. Great family game.

Amelyn R. Rafael,MD said...

this is great! I would love to try it.

Anonymous said...

Our kids love board games but we haven't really tried to play as a family. Last week we have been eyeing some board games at a nearby bookstore. Chances are, we would get a new one soon.

Btw, did you get my email re my contact number?