Monday, June 18, 2007

Blogging Thoughts Part 2

(If you're interested, part 1 of this post can be found here)

One of the questions Chilihead had on her Blogging Carnival is "Did you intend to be a blog w/a following? If so, how did you go about it?" 99.9% of the participants answered NO. "No" was what my answer was too. Then I read Deedee's blogging story (It Coulda Been Worse) answer and she's absolutely candid and honest about saying yes. here's what she said: "Absolutely. I always write for an audience. Even if it would only be read by my children some day. As soon as I published my first post, I sent out a mass e-mail to all of my friends and family begging them to please read my blog and leave a comment. And some of them did. Leave a comment that is. I don’t really know how many actually read it. They are all still speaking to me, so I’m assuming either they don’t read it, or they aren’t offended."

Although I am honest about not intending to have a blog with a following, I must say that now I actually enjoy knowing that some blog readers read my blog regularly. And although I wouldn't call them (you) my following, they (you) certainly make me happy when they (you) come and visit.

When I first discovered blogging, I didn't know anything about sitemeter. When I discovered sitemeter, I became obsessed with it - I mean obsessed checking who visited my blog, how many, where they came from, what post did they like, how long they stayed... Golly - it's insane.

And just when my obession for checking my sitemeter subsided, I discovered blogtopsite and got hooked on that too.

And now comes the question, why do I want my blog go up the ranking on blogtopsite? why do I enjoy peeking at my sitemeter and seeing my readers grow? I know that the more popular the blog, the more exposed my thoughts would be to the world. Therefore now I should seriously be thinking about "internet safety" and all that stuff. Then why not just be satisfied with a few familiar readers instead of opening myself up to the world?

I can think of one reason why I like to blog and I am pleased to know that others read my blog. It's because "in-person" I am not a conversant. I am not good at carrying a conversation. It stems out from my thinking that I might be boring the other person with what I am saying.... I also don't have the patience to listen to a lot of "cocktail conversation" ...talks about showbiz and politics...I can only handle for a short period of time, then I tune out....

In blogging, however, I can post what I want to say without obliging the other person to listen. If a person does not like what I am saying, they can click and move on. The same thing when I read blog...if I don't like what the blogger is saying, I can click out and move on to another blog. this could be good and bad. I am wondering if I am sabotaging my "interpersonal skills" by blogging...

Going back to Deedee's answer...I admire her for even e-mailing her family and friends "begging" them to read her blog and leave comments. You see, for me I was shy to do that. I am shy to tell people to read my blog, let alone leave comments.

And talking about internet safety leads me to another question Chilihead has that I want to answer again. The question is "What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started?" I know now that it's better to use a pseudoname than my real name. Good thing i did not use my lastname on any of my post. But I would have used even a different first name had I know now what I didn't know then.

I should end this post for now but I think there will be a part 3....


raqgold said...

hi liza, am a new blogger but am aware of internet safety tips when i started blogging esp abt keeping personal details off -- i guess i didnt keep to it, right? kse i wanted my blogs as memories for my kids, too. and that's the dilemma, hirap no? anyway, let's hope for the best but be extra aware, too.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely hooked on your blog. I don't read every day, but almost!!! You can consider me part of your following. I get soooo much from your thoughts---always encouraging and sincere and meaningful. You've got a gift girl! Thanks for sharing it with me and the other lucky readers. I love it and YOU!!!
Blessings, Karen J

Liza on Maui said...

Thanks Karen - I love you too - and you know that :)


yes raggold - we just need to be extra aware and cautious...i think we're ok :)

JJ said...

Hi Liza,
I think photos are okay. We just use initials for names. When you add photos it makes more of a connection with people.
My hubby put some up on his blog. Check it out to see my girls.

Kamsin said...

I keep changing my mind at the moment about the issue of using my name or a pseudonym. I definitely wish I hadn't done anything to improve my blog ranking, I'd much rather know who my readers are and how they found me than having a bunch of random people who found me through a google search.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liza. I use the nicknames of my children. I use my real name too, and hubby's. In PMN, my real name is there. As much as possible, I try to post less photos of my children although I already did. My children love it when they see my photographs in my blog. They even look forward to my Saturday Photo Hunters tag. I am encouraging my 11yo daughter to have her own blog too, for her to learn to express herself better (and for me to read her posts, hehehe) but she is still taking her sweet time to decide on it and that's ok.

I think one important thing is to not give any info re phone number, exact location. Though one's site can be seen through the IP address, still we need to be cautious. The net has so many predators and lurkers, in all forms and sizes.I know that since my site has been hacked last January.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.Take care.

Liza on Maui said...

nice to "meet" your girls hockeymum. They're beautiful.