Friday, June 29, 2007

Authentic & Transparent Christianity

I was going through my blogroll the other day, browsing quickly what each of my favorite bloggers had posted when I noticed that Arthur posted something new. In the thought provoking post, he provided a link to his friend's blog and so as a blogger would do, I clicked on the link to follow through. Little did I know that that little link would lead me to a blogger that would inspire me to be even more "authentic and transparent" in my Christian life.

I'm talking about the blog Firebrands. You see, unlike my usual reads of "mommy bloggers" blogs full of bloggy bling blings on the sidebar like awards, praying for pictures, meme and carnival links, contest links, etc. (nothing wrong with these, just different), this blog has a very simple and clean lay-out. It does not even have a sitemeter installed. So I browsed and noticed on the sidebar a heading "blogs I won't forget" which basically some of his best and memorable posts.

I started reading each and very post listed and that's when it hits me that this blog is out of the ordinary. James, the blogger was and is as "authentic and transparent" as could be when it comes to his Christian life. I was shocked, I was touched, I was encouraged, then I was inspired.

My first thought after reading his posts, "James must be out of his mind to post all that!". I mean, he even has his photo on his blog and he uses his real name! I re-read those posts a couple of times, making sure they are what i thought they are - and they are! James talked about some of the most sensitive subjects and most often fought struggle in our Christian lives. It's refreshing to read his posts on these issues, to read his struggle and then his dependence on Christ. For the rest of the week I found myself going through his archives and being blessed some more. I guess another thing that made me attracted to his blog is he likes reading the books of A.W. Tozer, C.S. Lewis and other great and profound Christian authors who I also like.

So what are these "blogs I won't forget" posts? These are posts about his past struggle with lust and homosexuality, pornography, and letting go. My initial plan was to go through each of those posts here on my blog and share what I have learned from each of those... but nah...I think I'll let you go there for yourself, read for yourself, and allow God to speak to encourage you knowing that in our Christian lives, when we are weak, God is strong.

James, thank you for sharing with passion and eloquence about some of the inner struggles you have had so that others may know that Christianity is not just a phony religion, but a relationship with the one who loves us most. Go James! Continue blogging and God bless you as you journey along...


Karen said...

Thanks for the link Liza. I agree with your thoughts about James. A courageous, honest guy, for sure. I like him for that. I prayed for him. I know the Lord will lead him through, and am hoping he can guide others through the confusion of life and the lusts of the flesh. What a light he shines---right alongside your beautiful light. Love you, Karen J

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm really humbled.

I didn't expect my blogs would have such an impact on people... I didn't expect people would actually read it!

It was just a cathartic way for me to go through phases in my life - my writing.

Thank you, Liza. May God bless you richly. You and your family.