Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Teakwondo Tournament and Tweens Camp

Saturday, May 26th, was a very hectic day for us as a family. Two very important family events were scheduled on that day. First, the Taekwondo Tournament where my son competed (he won 2 golds and 1 silver medals) and second, the Tweens Family Camp. Before we found out that the Tweens Camp is scheduled that Saturday, my husband already committed himself to helping out in the tournament. He therefore unfortunately missed the Tweens Camp.

The location of these two events were so far from each other that I told my husband that that day is probably the day I have driven the longest in one day since I learned how to drive. We went to the Teakwondo tournament early morning and then around 2 PM (after my son's events were done), we bailed out on the tournament and drove to the Tweens Camp and stayed there until 8:15 PM.

I will post more details of the Tournament and Tweens Camp in my other blog (All About Tweens - which is still under construction), I just wanted to do this quickie post to share the photo above. The photo was taken at the camp and the frame was made by my son and I (during the camp:)


Kristen said...

cute picture and frame! I understand all about driving long distances!

Andrea Frazer said...

Boy, life can get hectic, huh? It's great you had time to get a sweet photo.