Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh The Busy Month of May!

I thought December was a busy month, but it seems like May is the one for us. Let me show you a sneak preview of what we have going on:
May 5 - My brother's birthday; two good friends' birthday party
May 8 - Dental Surgery
May 10 - my parent's arrival - pick up from airport. They are moving with us from the Philippines. So, prior to this we had to do an additional room to our house.
May 11 - Neighborhood Party to be held at our house
May 12 - Marathon – Keopuoleani Park (my second marathon, but my first real one)
May 12 - Seabury Hall Fair (I want to go!). This is one of the best Fair on Maui. I have not gone yet because something is always in conflict with he schedule. It seems that this year there's no conflict so I really want to go....)
May 12 - Movie Night at Hope (church); Hubby and son has a "sleeping with the shark" camp for Boy Scout
May 13 - Mother’s Day
May 15 - check up on dental surgery
May 20 - Dressed Rehearsal in the morning (the grand recital for Daughter's Jazz & Son's Hip Hop)
May 20 - Performance - Jazz and Hip Hop
May 20 - Hope Chapel big event for the Youth going to a Mission this summer
May 23 - Hoolaulea (May Day celebration at school)
May 26 - Taekwondo at Lahaina (State Qualifying, my son is a participant, our dojang is the host and hubby volunteered to help)
May 26 - Tweens Family Camp
May 27 - Church Beach Baptism

So if I'm slacking on blogging, you now know why. But then again these activities might inspire me to blog more - LOL! If I can find the time, that is...

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