Friday, May 4, 2007

Mother's Day Series # 5 - One Hot Mama!

MamaP shared this link to a website of Pin-up Girls Posters. It was actually fun browsing through there deciding who I can associate myself with (I mean which poster). Here's MamaP's choice. My original choice was "Southseas Girl" but I can't post it here because this blog is G rated. If you're a guy reading this blog, I don't recommend you go to this site. Just tell your wife about this post and she might want to go there :) The site has a lot of classical pin-up posters but there were also many that's bordering pornographic (or might even be pornographic - I avoided those).

So go there and check out the more classical ones and have fun! I think it's a good idea to choose one pin-up poster, print it out and let it be your inspiration to "take care of your body". Beth has started a blog called "Tales from the Scales" check it out, it might be something you might want to participate in. I will. Remember, just because we're Mama's doesn't mean we have to forget taking care of ourselves.

So, back to the pin-up choices...I'd be visiting blogs around to see if some of you would actually post "which pin up girl" are you. Let me know if you're up to doing this :) And speaking of "Tales from The Scales", I need to jump on the treadmill! Bye!


Wendy said...

Hi Liza! I like your poster. I hope I did not offend by the video. I do not agree with it at all, and from the comments so far, I am not alone! I think it is all too WEIRD and Crazy!! Gross. Anyways, hhope you have a wonderful weekend. I am sooo loving the mothers day stuff you are putting up! I has kept me smiling quite a bit!!

Wendy said...

Oh yeah, I am going to do the Tales from the Scales too! WE can encourage each other!!

Special K ~Toni said...

Looks interesting, will have to check out the pin up girls!

Andrea Frazer said...

You go girl! She is so vavoooooomy.