Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mother's Day Series # 2 - Senior Mom

What's a good gift to an elder mother? Usually she gets the "grandma" gifts. And even if it's not a "gift for grandma kind", even if from her daughter or son to their mom...when the mother is older, we tend to give them the traditional elderly gifts of pictures frames with photos of family, etc.

Well, I found this cute gift here that I think will tickle some "senior moms" or the "young at heart moms". See that picture on the left? You can buy that from here. No, they are not paying me to promote them. I just really thought this is cute :)

Another good gift idea for Senior Moms is for you (yes, you) to teach them how to blog. Of course if you can afford to buy them a new lap top with huge screen, it's even better. Here's a samples of blogs maintained by senior mom named Millie. Her son encouraged her to blog and now she's loving it. There is actually a community out there of elder bloggers. You can find a comprehensive list here.

Last but not the least, here's a video that you might want to share with your senior mom :) Introducing...the Zimmers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for the mention.

Yes, my son showed me how to blog and I am loving it! That was the best gift he could have given me.

Andrea Frazer said...

That was classic. I know I asked you this once before, but could you please comment back with step by step instructions on how to post You Tube Links? Thanks so much. I have to post this on my blog (giving you credit, of course!)