Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Works For Me: Carmex!

I am a person is prone to cold sore. Even when I was young, I usually get cold sore - partly associated with weather, and mostly associated with stress. It was very embarrassing walking around with this sore on my lips... it's an ugly sight.

A few years ago, I discovered CARMEX and it is a "lipsaver!" It absolutely works for me. I have not had a bad cold sore since then. The moment I feel a little tingling on my lips I put in a lot of this Carmex lip balm and it does not develop into a full blown cold sore. No more embarrassing lips!

I tell you, it's better than Blistex or any other brand out there! I stack them at home to make sure we have a supply all the time.

Many of the surfers here on Maui use that too against lip sun burn. I tell you...it works!

And guess what? Wikipedia even has an article about CARMEX. Here's its Official Site.
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UPDATE: Reposting this for the BRAND-LOYAL Edition today 9-5-07


Liza on Maui said...

Opsss... I didn't realize the comment was OFF on this post earlier.

Thanks GiBee for informing me about it...

mommy3 said...

We like Carmex too! I started using it in college. We had a lot of surfers there!

Anonymous said...

Carmex - of course!!! It's a staple!

Jendeis said...

Carmex is the best!! My gramie swears by it. I like to use the tube where the gel squeezes out rather than the pot though. I'm so insane I have a whole system. I use the tube like chapstick for daily use, and I'll use the tube for overnight or if chapping is really bad. :)