Monday, April 16, 2007

Random Thoughts ...Very Random!

It's Monday morning and I'm already on my "hectic mode"! Yes, I'm panicking - too many things to do, so little time. Somebody find my "calm down" button please... (Thank you, Lord for the reminder...)

* To my faithful blogging friends, have you notice how I had been learning a lot on the "techie side of blogging"? Remember when I posted before about not knowing how to embed You Tube videos here and how I don't have any idea how to do the RSS, Feedburner, etc.? Have you noticed I learned how to do it? I was sooo excited when I learned! And I was so excited to see this morning that there's 1 person who subscribed to my feed - yeah ONE! Whoever you are - here's a "cyber kiss" for you - you made my day! :)

* Heather is still in my thoughts, heart and prayer. I am now wearing a LIVE STRONG yellow arm band with a written note from me that says "Pray for Heather" - it's a reminder for me to constantly pray

* I need a 4 day weekend!!!!! Like what I said, I have so many things to do...many are important, many are urgent.... OR are they really? I started reviewing the good old "Urgent/Important Matrix", the Quadrant that Steven Covey created to help people organize and prioritize their life... Here's a link if you're not familiar. Don't be surprised if my next post will be about this matrix.

* We had a wonderful Sunday Service at church yesterday. Still studying the Gospel according to John. Great job Craig! And oh, there was this very talented guy who played Ukulele like I've never seen before - magnificent! I'll see if there's any video I can embed here - that guy is incredible!

* Can I take a day off from work today to work on my Time Management Quadrant? Maybe not ... but I really wish I could.....

* And oh, we ran out of coffee...we only have grounds enough for 4 cups this morning - this is absolutely NOT GOOD. WE make 10 cups in the morning - and today we'll only have 4! I don't usually go to Starbucks (because I'm cheap) but today I think I'll stop by...

* I need to go hop on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes today. Remember my friend C who ran the "Run to the Sun Marathon"? Well, she invited me to this 3 mile maratahon for women. I said I'll join. I think it's good - will motivate me to exercise. I'll tell you more about it later..but for now I need to log off.

Have a wonderful Monday y'all! (yes, I learned that y'all from you my dear Southern friends :)


Anonymous said...

sounds like a crazy hectic time you're having there! Thanks for visiting my blog and for taking the time to read through my older posts. Your story is very uplifting - thanks for allowing me to share it.

Wendy said...

Your having a crazy Monday!! I just wrote a post about my need to slow down!! It is hard hard to do though!! Hope you get everything done!!

JJ said...

I'll add you to RSS if I can ever find the time to figure it all out myself. :)

Anonymous said...

wow slow down a little Liza
your wearing me out LOL

have a good week my dear

Anonymous said...

O no! I hope you got more coffee. We had a similar incident last week and actually had to pull out the last of the instant coffee, which was probably 8 years old. Blah!

I ran into you from comments posted at another blog. It seems I had just run into Heather's site for the first time and then bumped into you responding to another blog that shot off from Heather's. *whew* Did you get all of that?

Anyway, I am enjoying my visit and I subscribed to your RSS. WTG! I have been trying to figure out how to add that subscribe thingy to my blog. You go!!


Joyful Days said...

No coffee makes Julie a grouchy girl. Coffee is a priority. It may be further down on the list after God (of course) and my sweeties, but coffee is a very important thing here.

Take a breath and be at peace.

Prayers & Blessings,

sheilamarie said...

hi liza! have a great week ahead of you =)

Liza on Maui said...

the truth is I don't know how to do that either - LOL! I'm still discovering :)....

Thank you everyone for all your comments - I truly appreciate them. I'm hoping that one of these days I'd have more time to "converse" and reply back individually to your comments .. but for now, please know that I read each one of them and appreciate them a lot :)