Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random Thoughts ... Very Random!- Part 2

OK, this better be quick! In fact I will just post to say that I will be back for part 2 of my random thoughts posts. I have a lot of updates on that. However, yesterday I spent more time blogging that I didn't get a chance to hop in the treadmill. I have to do that today, so time to log off and I'll post again tonight.

If you're in the mood to read more, why not head over to Heather's blog? She has some new post - and it's very uplifting. What precious posts from someone going through a very difficult time. So, go there and be encouraged. It will put your thoughts into the right perspective.

P.S. We now have coffee in the house! Hubby bought a huge bag of Starbucks French Roast Coffee - we're set! (opsss...I shouldn't blog about my family, right? well, it's just about coffee!) Have a wonderful day everyone!

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