Saturday, April 14, 2007

Now it's time for a PAPA Prayer...

I was reading Heather's entry on her blog about the brain tumor...and I had to stop..I wanted to cry...I cried... I know it's time for "Papa Prayer"

Present yourself to God (My red dot)
My first reaction after finding out that Heather has a brain tumor? Now, that sucks! Lord, that really sucks! It's so unfair. Why Heather - the loving mother, and a faithful follower of yours? Hey, there's a lot of "bad" parents out there who I'd rather see have brain tumors. Like those who physically or sexually abuse their kids - those are the ones who needs to be afflicted with brain cancer. But Heather... Oh God... I do not understand.....

Attend To How You Are Thinking of God
OK, Lord, You are Sovereign. You know what you're doing. My mind is limited and I really cannot and would not understand why this is happening. But you are in control. Now I pray that you will give Heather the strength as she goes through this. Comfort her when she needs to be comforted. Embrace her when she needs to feel your love. I ask for a clear manifestation of your love God...give her something she can hold on to...give her the faith, the courage that she needs. You are a God who Heals, and so I pray for healing.... I pray for Heather's family -for each of them to feel your love despite this trial going on in their life. I pray for protection, provision and peace. God.. they need you Big Time! Go show them how Big of a God you are.

Purge yourself of anything blocking your relationship with God
I cannot hide anything from you Lord. You know exactly why I am passionate about this, why I am crying for Heather. I too am afraid Lord. Come to think of it...if I was at Heather's position..if I'm the one afflicted with the Brain Tumor...would I have enough faith to go through this? I would be so afraid..I would be so terrified...I would feel so sad... Lord, help my unbelief...

Approach God as the "first thing" in your life
Hear my cry O God,
Attend unto my prayer
At the end of the earth
will I cry unto thee
and when my heart is overwhelmed
lead me to the Rock that is higher than I

Lord, I pray that you will make this tumor in Heather's brain disappear. But not my will but yours be done. Do as you think is best, for we trust that you love love her more than we can ever do.

*Disclaimer: I did not provide the link to PAPA prayer to advertise the book. I just want the readers to know what I mean by PAPA prayer that's why I included the link. I have been praying the way of PAPA prayer even before this book was written. I believe it's the heart of prayer ..being honest to God and trusting God...


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I mean that.

Vicky said...

I have seen God do some pretty incredible things.

You who created the universe are able to care for and heal Heather. Father, may Your will be done in Heather's life as she lives out her testimony to Your power and grace. In the name of our Lord Jesus.