Friday, April 20, 2007

My Problem with 3 P's

It's now 4:16 AM. I should technically have enough time to do another longer post to update you with what's happening with me.... but I am sitting here "sighing", thinking of the many things I have to do today. That includes doing that Urgent/Important Matrix that I was talking about for days! I know I have a problem with this 3 P's: Procrastination, Punctuality and Prioritizing. Maybe I should start a post on these 3 P's.... I will do that later (see? I did it again - "later" means Procrastination!)

OK, let's just assume I am trying to be good at one of the P's. - the Prioritizing. Therefore, I should log off now and do some important and urgent things I need to do. Not that blogging is not "important and urgent" in my category :) :), but I have already spent enough time (more than enough time) blogging. Now time to do other things....

And because I am thankful to all of you who come to read this little blog of mine, here's a STRESS RELIEVER gift for you. Go click here and enjoy :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hope you have a P day - a productive day :)

thanks for the stress reliever gift shall go and check it now :)