Friday, April 13, 2007

Angels Watching Over Me

I almost had an accident yesterday. But the angels assigned by God to watch me did their job well, I was spared.

I was driving on a two (2) lane highway (Actually it's 4. There are 2 on each way, separated by an island of sort), when I noticed that the huge service truck on my right side is drifting towards the left. In a matter of few seconds all these thoughts and actions came into play:
* this guy is is driving to the left - can't he see me?
* oh my, is he falling asleep or something?
* no, he's not asleep but he's really driving into my lane
* quick, Liza, pull to the side!
* gosh, he'll gonna hit me!
* to the side! to the side! quick!
*Oh God, thank you that there's a shoulder to this lane
(by this time I have now pulled to the shoulder of the highway and the truck is now officially in the lane I was supposed to be driving, while I was now driving on the shoulder of the highway because I avoided that stupid service truck!)
*Did I just avoid an accident?
* Yeah, that driver just almost crushed me!
* Stupid driver!
* I don't think he was even aware I was there!
*Yeah, he didn't know I was driving next to him. The highway traffic was very light, we were driving at a fast speed, and it seems like he thought he's the only one on the road. I was on his "blind spot"!
* I'm sure he didn't see me when he was pulling to the left. That happened to me before where I was changing lane to the left and didn't notice that there was a car driving next to me because I didn't see him on my sode mirror when I looked. The car was in a blind spot. (and yes, I was also spared of that one because like me, that driver was quick enough to do what he needed to do to avoid me)
* Oh, I probably shouldn't call that truck driver stupid because it happened to me too
* my gosh, I just avoided an accident!
* Now driving back to the official highway lane, out of the shoulder, I prayed "thank you Lord for sending your angels to watch over me, directing me to the shoulder of the highway while this driver pulls to the lane where I was supposed to be driving, oblivious to the fact that I was there! Thank you Jesus".


Unknown said...

Praise God!! I'm glad you are safe. And isn't it amazing how many thoughts can go through your head in a matter of seconds?

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord