Friday, April 13, 2007

5 Things I Think About Often

Digital Rich tagged me about 5 things I obsessively think about. As much as I'd like to do an elaborate post on this, I will do a quickie post because I might procrastinate when trying to come up with the profound answers :) So, here are the spontaneous answer:

1. My kids - How are they doing in school, Am I doing the best I can to be the best parent for them? Will they make the right choices when they grow up? Will they meet their "soul mate" - the one God prepared for them? Will they go to college? Will they be safe? Are they safe now? Will they grow in the Lord or will they abandon their faith?, etc. etc.

2. My marriage - Will we stay married or will we be like many others who ends up in divorce? Will we be nice to each other when we get old? Will we appreciate our wrinkles? Will we have enough money when we retire that maybe my husband and I can travel around the world?

3. Eternal Life - Second Coming of Christ, rapture, life without sorrow, worship all day and night - or we won't even know day or night, no sickness, no wars, being in heaven, etc. etc. - will my family and friends be with me in heaven? ....

4. Financial Improvement - Being good stewards of God's blessings here on earth. Sharing financial blessings with others. I am currently readung a book called "The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth" by Richard Paul Evans. It's pretty good. Maybe I should do a post on it later...

5. Blogging! (need I say more?)

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