Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Want To Commit Suicide (Part 2)

Are you one of those who read my first post on suicide and decided to hold on to your life a little bit longer? Thank you. I know God has a wonderful plan for you. You know, it's very interesting that two radio shows I regularly listen to in the morning are talking about suicide this week (New Hope and Family Life). I see it as God's way of reaching out to you.

Or maybe you're a survivor of suicide. Your wife. husband, son, or daughter committed suicide and you're juggling emotions of grief, guilt and sorrow. Maybe you're trying to deal with the grief of loss. I know it's painful..beyond words...

Whatever is your situation related to suicide, I suggest that you check out this web page:
Family Life talks about suicide. I am not sure how long that topic will be up on that particular page. I'll come back here and make sure that link works..if not I'll provide a new one.

Thanks for staying. Come back for more...

For a blog I just found which talked about suicide, click HERE

UPDATE: I found out some of the links above are not good anymore. HERE's A GOOD ONE. click here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liza,

Thanks for directing me to your posts on suicide. I applaud you for talking openly about the taboo subject of suicide. I have spoken about this on my blog (as you know), as I truly believe that the fear and shame that surrounds suicide in society can actually contribute to the negative feelings that anyone who feels suicidal has about his or her self.

I have learnt this too late for myself through my own loss, but I hope that others may take something away from your posts and perhaps my own blog.