Sunday, March 11, 2007

Darlene Zschech and Hillsong - My Kind of Worshipper (and Yes, I Am Addicted To Worship)

Remember when about a month ago I confessed how I didn't know much about Beth Moore until Boomama mentioned her name on her blog? I mean, I've probably heard her name a couple of times before but I didn't have a clue how popular she was...until last month.

Well, I have another confession to make. I didn't know much about Hillsong either until this weekend (I know..., how can I not know them!). I mean, I have heard their name several times in the past..and I know I like some of their songs...but this weekend I realized I REALLY LIKE THIS GROUP and I didn't know that they did sing most of my favorite worship songs! Yes, they sung most of my favorite songs that I learned from church - and they worship the way I do! They're my kind of worship leaders - they're one of the best! Darlene Zschech, wow - that gal is an anointed worship leader! For more about Darlene, check out this article from Wikipedia.

I spent Saturday night watching a lot of their "live worship" on You Tube. In case you didn't notice, I have added a lot of their songs in my sidebar list of links on worship at You Tube. Check them out. And I suggest you dance with joy and jump for the Lord will them as you watch some of the fast beat worship. I did it :)

Another confession...I am quite "envious" of Arthur of Be Still because he got to attend a live concert of Hillsong in the Philippines :). Check this post for his "experience".

AND DON'T FORGET to check out some of the You Tube videos of Darlene. SEE MY SIDEBAR FOR LINKS to some of her wonderful worship songs.

Click here for the POTTER'S HAND LYRICS and video link.