Monday, February 26, 2007

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

I found these cute comments today at Blessed With Olive Plants Around My Table. I thought they are just too cute I have to share it here. Please visit their blog and you'll find out why they are called Olive Plants. These are the cute comments from the olive plants:

~"Are you on your blob?"

~"Don't say anything cute or Mom will put it on the blog!"

~"I have the hippy cups." (hiccups)

~"It seems like this room has magical rowdy powers!"

~"Mom bought a double barrel sling shot." (bra)

~"Why do they always sing 'saved a ranch like me?!"


Ame said...

tehehe!!! very cute!!!

Becky said...

We were honored that you wanted to post our 'cute comments' on yours.
Thanks so much for visiting. I've enjoyed yours and I'll be back! : )

Rena said...

These are great!! Kids are so funny.