Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Musing of a C Working Mom Part 5 - Blogging

Yesterday was a bad day...for me as a blogger.

First, I decided to write a *word* that might be causing problem in this blog. That's too bad because I used it appropriately. And I honestly believe it's needed to be said in light of wanting to truly tell people what one of the husband's needs are. Anyway, I will not use that word again here. That's fine by me.

The other day, Monday, I decided to register at Top Blogsite. I was very excited, as my rating rose from 117 to 86 in just one day (and night)!. The bad thing is I got obsessed with it. I was checking my rating constantly! An then I discovered an error! I am giving it a couple of days for the Top Blogsite people to work it out and inform me what went on (might be related to what I talked about in my first paragraph) but today I promised myself not to look at that rating anymore. In fact, I promised myself that after I finish this post I won't check in anymore until later tonight, maybe tomorrow. (Oh, yes, I used to check every hour by the hour ;)

I discovered yesterday what's causing most of my anxiety - it's simply my disorganization. I am afraid I am passing it on to my kids. It's like blind leading the blind and that makes me sad. Maybe it's time for me to take Ritalin.


Karla Porter Archer said...

I suffer from being disorganized too. But I think my more severe problem is procrastination, for sure!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I love the photos below of the snow in Hawaii!


Lisa @ The Plain-Spoken Pen said...

I used to be organized. Then I had a kid. LOL Now I'm afraid he's learning disorganization from me!

Love the snow pictures! You're right, I wouldn't have thought of snow in Hawaii.

mommy3 said...

I strive to be organized to avoid the anxiety like you mentioned and the frustration of all the clutter... Unfortunately, it is so difficult when I have other people in the house working "against" me :-/

I wish I had a wife-for-hire so I could relax and blog. ;)