Saturday, February 3, 2007

Indescribable! You Are Amazing God - Part 4

Don't miss this AMAZING, SPECTACULAR video on the song Indescribable. Sorry, I still don't know how to post the You Tube directly here on my blog, so please click on the link and you'd see what I mean when I say the video is WONDERFUL! It's a great way to start the morning!

I mentioned in my "Googled" post that a lot of searchers land on my blog when the Google the word "Indescribable" and "You Are Amazing God". If you're one of those, I invite you to go to Part 3 of my Indescribable Post and you'll see a link to another video and a link to the lyrics of the song.

Part 5 and more


Kamsin said...

That is an awesome video! Thanks for pointing me to it!

Anonymous said...

This is a great song and with such meaningful lyrics. It sounded familiar to me but in actuality ti's the only time I heard bout this song.. I am glad to have ever discovered it here..