Thursday, February 8, 2007

Honor Roll of Men's Blog

Ame started it...On her February 6th post, she presented her...Honor Roll of Men's Blog. According to her, the men in her "Honor Roll" are men who display in their writing authenticity and intimacy with their Almighty God and their wives and kids. Men who have shown her what it looks like when a man loves his wife and is kind and good to her, who does not abuse her, and who loves his kids with kindness and goodness, too.

I thought "that was a fantastic idea!". It was very honoring...and yes, an honor well deserved by the men bloggers she listed.

As I thought more about it, I realize that I too have a list of men bloggers who in my opinion exemplifies integrity in their blogs. They pass the criteria that Ame mentioned above. And so without further ado, I present to you my "Honor Roll of Men Bloggers":

1. Tim of Second Timothy - both Ame and I have him on our list :)
2. Rich of Digital Rich Daily -watch out, he just added background music to his blog. His post today 2/9 is brillant!
3. Paul of My Thoughts for A Penny - Faithfulness in times of waiting.
4. Francis of Be Still (He's single, so the blurb about the "wife and kids" does not apply :).

I lost my glasses tonight and I already placed my contact lens in the "disinfectant cleaner (needs at least 2 hours to neutralize) and I am half blind at the moment. Therefore, I won't attempt to write about these men as Ame did in her list. I encourage you to check out their blogs and see for yourselves.


Ame said...

thanks for the list, Liza! i've already visited these blogs - worth the time :)

i'm glad you took the time to create such a list. men of honor and valor who live to honor God, their wives and children should be, well, honored!

DigitalRich said...

Thank you Liza- a very nice honor. I am sure you have heard the old saying "I wish I was as good as my dog thinks I am."

My version is- I wish I was as good and nice as my blog makes me out to be. We are all a work in progress, right? It is so easy to capture the good or funny things in a blog. Who would write about, and who would want to read "today I was an ass. I was in a bad mood, and on the way to work, got really angry at an old lady that was driving under the speed limit and gave her a really nasty look as I passed her over double-yellow lines. Oh yea, I forget about date night with my wife last night, and was too tired to help my daughter with her homework."

Those posts never seem to get written, do they? :)

Just having fun...thanks again.


Liza on Maui said...

Hey Rich,

We didn't say you have to be perfect to be in our Honor Roll, right?

Thanks for your transparency. We all are God's "projects" - forgiven but still learning and growing :)

That still makes your blog worthy of being in the Honor Roll :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honor Liza. Though I don't deserve the press, I am appreciative for the nod.

You do a very nice job on your blog. Lots to think about.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Aww.. Thanks Liza! Thanks so much. Sometimes an idea of a hiatus gets in my mind and suddenly people like you comes along and helps me get back on my feet.

Like Rich, I'm still a work in progress and so is my blog.

I'm doing my best to blog as often and as enthusiastically as you do. All for His glory. Again, I'm very very grateful. God bless!