Monday, January 22, 2007

Where Did My Time Go?

5:30 AM - woke up; made coffee, blogged, listened to Christian teaching on radio.

6:30 AM - got ready for work (shower, etc.), got kids ready for school - breakfast, packed snacks, etc. (Hubby was off to work by 6:45 AM)

8:20 AM - in the car; dropped off kids to school; Drove to work.

9:10 AM - at work. I was late. I was supposed to be at work at 9AM. work; work; work.

4:30 PM - left work to pick up kids. Stopped at "Minute Stop" to buy Fried Chicken and Potato Wedges for dinner.

5:15 PM - at school - picked up kids from A+

5:25 PM - at home, Dinner, talked about how school went; G got ready for Taekwondo

5:40 PM - Hubby arrived home from work; quick dinner,

5:45 PM - Hubby brought G to Taekwondo; N decided to go with them.

6:00 PM - Good thing I didn't cook - no mess in the kitchen to clean except for a few plates and glasses used for dinner. Put them all away in the dishwasher. Hey, I could walk in the threadmill! I did.

7:15 PM - Hubby and kids arrived. We ate the left over chicken and had ice cream for dessert (family time - yehey!). Bath time for kids. Hubby hopped on the threadmill.

8:00 PM - Kids did homework; Reading time

9:00 PM - Time for Bed - prayer time, etc.

9:30 PM - Liza Blogged.

10:30 PM - I should go to bed.

10:45 PM - Liza still blogging. I should really go to bed.


Beth said...

Isn't it something how our days fly by?

Fried chicken....yummy...

Anonymous said...

Story of my life . . . blogging . . . should be doing something else . . . still blogging . . . did I miss an appointment? . . . still blogging . . . (just like the energizer bunny)