Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Answered Prayers

"Call unto me, and I will answer you...and show you great things which you do not know". I am quoting this verse out of memory.. I know it's in Jeremiah somewhere. I will add the correct verse later...

A couple of hours after I posted my blog about "friends", I turned the radio on and guess what the preacher was talking about on the radio?. He's talking about the verse I quoted earlier about friends. Some may call this co-incidence, I call it answered prayer. It was a comfort and encouragement to listen to Pastor Jeremiah talk about "friendship". Every word spoken seems a direct response to many of my questions to God. What an awesome God we have.

And it does not end there. Another thing that is causing major stress and anxiety in me is the fact that I couldn't figure out this immigration papers that I need to finalize ASAP. This is disturbing to me... I am an office manager and I do my job well...and yet when it comes to figuring out this paperwork I have been hitting a dead end. It was very very frustrating to say the least. Finally, I thought I'd stop being "stingy". I'd just call a law office who specializes in immigration law and I'd consult. I'd pay - whatever. Well, when I looked at the directory, the law firm we use for the company I work for is listed as one of the "Immigration Law" expert. (I didn't know they do immigration stuff). I called them. Since I have a very good relationship with this law firm (from receptionist, to secretary to many of the attorneys), the Senior attroney is very willing to help me out on this, pro bono! He told me to go see him at his office today at 3PM! Talk about answered prayer!

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Patti said...

God is awesome. Sometimes, I forget to listen but when I take the time, I find he is always there to help.